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                                 Introduction to Shripoorna

About Us

We are the manufacturers of A BANANAASTAR;a banana pseudostem fibre extractor. We introduced our latest power raspador machine which is far superior to the machines that are presently available in the market. It is manufactured using the high-quality material, ensuring long life and Low maintenance. Higher Percentage of fibre recovery is the hallmark of our machine. In 8 hours our Machine can extract 10 - 12 kg of dry fibre of the desired length based on the variety of banana plant used.

We have conducted various field level Extension activities and Demonstrations across Tamilnadu state and many parts of INDIA. viz: Trichy Karur, Tanjore,virudhunagar, Tuticorin, Nagercoil, Tiruvannamalai, Vellore, Coimbatore, Chennai and Pudukottai districts. States like Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, North Eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Tripura, Andaman and Nicobar islands and proved our machinery’s efficiency and received appreciations in all the areas visited across India. We educated the farmers and entrepreneurs wherever we demonstrated and also who are all approached our office to know about the extraction of banana fibre using our machine to create awareness about the concept of “Wealth generation from waste”.

Our machine ABANANAA STAR was tested several times for its efficiency and comparative studies were Carried out at ICAR - NATIONAL RESEARCH CENTRE FOR BANANA, TIRUCHIRAPPALLI. Our machine has Received Efficiency certificate from ICAR - NRCB, Trichy. Subsequently, on recognizing the contributions Made to the farming community/entrepreneurs, myself was honoured with Best entrepreneur award from ICAR-NRCB during 2013. We have conducted various field level Extension activities and Demonstrations in order to prove the Efficiency of our machinery and received appreciations in all the areas visited. We have conducted various field level extension activities and demonstrations in various places in India. Along with State Agricultural departments and research centre and KVK’s to create awareness about the concept of ‘Waste to Wealth. We have participated in exhibitions and creating awareness among Farmers as well as entrepreneurs. We have taken up a lot of efforts to create awareness and uses of this Banana Fibre among banana cultivating farmers, then only this concept will reach the needy people, and Collective rural development is possible. Banana star machinery for extracting banana fibre, pineapple fibre and sisal fibre.

Please visit our website for BANANA FIBRE:www.bananafibre.com


We are engaged in secondary agriculture exclusively on a BANANA, working on waste to wealth concept. Developing new machinery, Training to the unskilled and, Manufacturing of value-added products from the banana. Banana fibre extractor- BANANA STAR-certified for its efficiency by ICAR-NRCB.

Banana fibre softening machine for bed and pillow making. Banana flower pickle, stem pickle, started manufacturing and supplied to the markets under the brand name as SHRI POORNA.

our other BANANA UNIQUE PRODUCTS ARE Banana stem juice, Banana chips, Banana health mix, Banana soup mix, Banana baby food, Banana energy drink, Banana chocolate, Banana Stem Candy… Providing training to the entrepreneurs on banana fibre handicrafts at our fibre design centre.